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LIVE: Healing, Wine, & Storytime 2/26/21 - In case you missed it!

LIVE: Healing, Wine, & Storytime 2/26/21 - In case you  missed it!

Did you know that a "chain reaction" is a series of events in which each event is the result of the one preceding it. Kia discusses her idea of what emotional chain reactions are, how to avoid the negative, and how to create the positive chain reactions. Negative chain reactions can lead to destruction of relationships, regret, and stagnation.

Kia Waters opens up with personal story about when she struggled with a negative emotional chain reaction. 

Kia discusses methods to determine avoid negative chain reactions and how to create positive chain reactions.


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What Triggers Your Emotional and Behavioral Reactions

Definition of chain reaction

LIVE- Healing, Wine, & Story Time 2/19/21 - In case you missed it!

LIVE- Healing, Wine, & Story Time 2/19/21 - In case you missed it!

Kia Waters opens up about a specific incident in her life that she was ashamed of and had regretted, and how this incident would never had happened if she was honest with herself.

She also discusses her methods of how to determine the differences between the feeling of infatuation love and love in reality.

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Healing, Wine, & Story Time: Keeping it 100% - Airs 2/19/21

kia waters lying to yourself personal stories emotional abuse

Kia Waters will open up with personal stories about when she struggled with lying to herself and will allow for selected audience members to share their screen & share their stories. We will discuss methods to determine if you are lying to yourself, how to pivot your mind into acceptance of the reality of the situation, and how to make changes based on the facts not feelings.

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Healing, Wine, & Story Time: Healing One Accessory At A Time - Airs 2/8/21

did you knw kia waters is a nurse earringeverything survivors of emotional abuse
I’m Kia Waters, the owner. I am a survivor of generational curses and emotional abuse from romantic relationships. is a beautiful testament to my legacy of surviving emotional abuse. I have created a platform where women can obtain quality, affordable fashion accessories to enhance their confidence & outer beauty. But that’s not all, I have created a safe space for sharing of feelings, ongoing encouragement, and support through text messaging and email.

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