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Investment Opportunity

Want to invest in EarringEverything? -  EarringEverything is woman-owned, minority-owned, and veteran owned. Since EarringEverything's start in 2017, we have built a growing retail platform designed to serve dynamic women with a Lifetime Warranty on fashion jewelry & accessories.  This is just the beginning, we want to discuss with you how we can grow together! Email us!


Media Inquiries

Would you like to include EarringEverything or incorporate EarringEverything jewelry or accessories in your media? Let us know what you have in mind. Email us!

B2B Collaborations

  • Receive A Custom Group Discount Code - A discount code specific for your group, school, fans, or followers. Discount will be 20% oFF all items on As always, your group will also benefit from our Lifetime Boss Credit Guarantee. 
  • Receive EarringEverything Promotional Items - Promotional items such as cards, flyers, custom tote bags, etc (depending on available supplies) will be shipped to you, for use in event gift bags. Includes a Custom Group Discount Code for 20% oFF all items on
   Do you have an idea of a specific collaboration in mind? Email us!


Virtual Internship Opportunity

We are looking for several highly motivated virtual additions to their internship program. We are categorized as a Women-Owned, Minority-Owned, Veteran-Owned Small Business. 

Internship Details:
*We Will Enhance The Skills You Possess
*Scheduling is Flexible at your convenience. 
*Weekly Assessments 
*Professional Etiquette Training
*Skill Building Opportunities 
*Performing Real-World Tasks
*Reference of Internship Experience 
*Group Meetings to discuss experiences & outcomes with other interns and staff.

Time Commitment:
  • Flexible - Self Scheduling
  • Virtual Meetings Mandatory 
  • Hours of work can be anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours per day
  • Anytime between 7am-8pm daily
  • 10 - Minimum weekly working hours  
  • 30 - Maximum weekly working hours

Compensation: Unpaid Internship / Experience Only 

Telephone / Zoom interview 
Be at least 21 years old
Must undergo a background check 
Must sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement
Must to be coachable
Must take position seriously
Must be able to focus on tasks without distraction
Click "here" to apply.  Click "here" to email our team specifics on your school's internship requirement's.


The Glam Van of Atlanta

Want to work on the The Glam Van in Atlanta, Georgia?
We are currenting accepting applications for:
  • Make-Up Artists
  • Masseuse
  • Esthetician
  • Hair Stylists / Wig Installers 
  • Brow Specialists
  • Lash Extension Specialists
  • Barbers
  • Beauty Apprentices
    Click "here" to apply. 


    Brand Influencer

    Want to be a influencer with
    • Discount on jewelry & accessories 
    • Passive Income 
    • "Your Name" Discount Code for fans, where you will receive 10% of the associated sales.
    • Images and Video featuring you will be circulated on print / social media campaigns and distributed on various worldwide platforms.
    • Assistance booking photographers & paying clients in your local area. 
     Click "here" to apply. 


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